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Bali Kratom: A Comparative Analysis

The Popularity of Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom strain is one of the most well-known strains of Kratom. All of the kratom from Club13 comes from the island Bali, Indonesia : Located Southwest, Lesser Sunda Island grouping (Bali, 2012). Bali Kratom is the Kratom of choice and therefore, it is what most people think of when they think of Kratom. Moreover, Bali Kratom is the strain most all compare against when deciphering whether or not their Kratom is quality. But why is this? Well the reason has a lot to do with the earliest planted harvests. Read on for a comparison...

Indo Kratom VS. Bali Kratom

Indonesian Kratom, commonly referred to as "Indo Kratom" is a popular choice amongst Kratom enthusiasts. However at this current date and time, the comparitive difference between Indonesian Kratom and Bali Indonesian Kratom is this: The Kratom from Bali has been growing for years (Kratom Trees from Bali have grown for quite some time now). The trees have fully matured in Bali. This means the quality Kratom is there simply because the harvest is aged.

You see, we have learned that mature leaves make for the best Kratom.

The Growing Qualities of Bali Kratom Guarantee to Number

Don't accept second best--mature trees make for the best leaves! The leaves are full and potent in Bali. Likewise, we at Club13 only purchase the Kratom we make our products from via our distributer of Bali Kratom. Quality Bali Kratom from Club13 is not only backed by our no questions asked guarantee but we promise that you'll enjoy all of our KXL product line assured that it is in fact elite Kratom, hand-picked and dehydrated from the overgrown trees of Bali Indonesia--not any baby sproutlings!

So, try any of our Bali Kratom Products Today to see the Difference.

Kratom Warning

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